Doug Brochu and Tiffany Espensen were both absent for 8 episodes.

T'Keyah Crystal Keymah was for 6 episodes.


Main Cast

Jack Griffo as Jacob

Tiffany Espensen as Leslie

Peyton List as Samantha

Doug Brochu as Brandon

T'Keyah Crystal Keymah as Mrs. Solomon

Recurring Cast

Brian Stepanek as Mr. Rosenberg/ Principal

Matt Champagne as Mr. Ril

Season 1 EpisodesEdit

1. The School- 9/10/10

2. Trouble in School-9/17/10

3. Ratz in School- 9/24/10

4. Babies in School- 9/31/10

5.Rebels in School- 10/7/10

6. Teachers in School- 10/21/10

7. Secrets in School- 11/4/10

8. Dentists in School-11/11/10

9. Bugs in School-11/18/10

10.Cheaters in School-11/25/10

11. Help is Needed in School- 12/1/10

12. Banks in School-1/28/11

13. Twins in School-2/11/11

14. Elimination in School-2/25/11

15. Families in School-3/18/11

16. Sleeping in School-3/25/11

17. Falling in School-4/1/11

18. Books in School-4/8/11

19. Rules in School-4/22/11

20. Bullies in School-5/20/11

21. Dances in School-5/27/11

22. Flashbacks in School-6/17/11

23. Future in School-6/24/11

24. Clothes in School-7/22/11

25. Colors in School-7/29/11

26. Movies in School-8/12/11

Guest Cast Appearances:

Mary Scheer as Mrs. Hills- 16 appearances

Brian Stepanek as Mr. Rosenberg- 8 appearances

Rico Rodrigues as Diego- 3 appearances

Matt Champagne as Mr. Ril- 7 appearances

Jason Dolley as Patrick- 2 appearances

Jimmy Bellinger as Gary- 7 appearances

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